myBeautyCache: makeup and beauty product organizer


myBeautyCache is an all-in-one organizer for your makeup and beauty products. It provides a convenient way for you to keep an inventory of your Beauty Products, keep track of your Beauty Purchases, Beauty Routines, Favorite Products, and products in your Makeup Bag. You can also use it to create a Shopping List and to organize your Coupons & GWPs, and much more. myBeautyCache is available for the iPhone and iPad

Keep Detailed Product Information

Keep detailed information on your makeup and beauty products, including, Name, Brand, Color, Size, Category, Date Opened, Expiration Date, and Purchase Details (Store, Item #, Price, and Date Purchased). You can also add a Photo and Notes about your product. With myBeautyCache, you can enter as much or as little information you want about your makeup and beauty products. The only required field is the product name.

Customize myBeautyCache

You can customize myBeautyCache by adding your own Beauty Routines, Brands, Categories, and Stores. You can also keep notes on your favorite Brands and Stores

Keep a copy of your Data on your Computer

If you ever need a list of your makeup and beauty products, you can export your lists to a CSV File that you can save on your computer. CSV Files can be viewed with a Spreadsheet Program like Excel or Numbers.

Sync Data

In the latest version of myBeautyCache, you now have the option to sync your data between devices. For more details on this visit the Sync Data Page

Benefits to Keeping a Product Inventory

Have you ever gone to the store to buy a product, only to find out you don't remember the shade/color? Or, have you ever bought a product, only to get home and realize you already have the same product (unopened)? Do you have products that you aren't sure when you opened or how long you've had them? With myBeautyCache, you have all your product details with you.

myBeautyCache can help you:

myBeautyCache Overview:

Here is a basic overview for the different sections in the myBeautyCache app:

Beauty Products

Beauty Products: Keep an inventory of your beauty products. You can also share individual product info with your friends or export your list in a CSV File.

Sort Products

Sort Products: Sort your products by Product Name, Brand, Color, Color Family, Category, Product Type, Location, Date Opened, unOpened Products, and Expiration Date.

Product Photos

Product Photos: This section includes your Product Photos and Swatch photos (excluding products on your Shopping List, Don't Buy List, and Product Archive).

Beauty Routine

Beauty Routines: Keep a list of your Beauty Routines and what products you use in each routine. You can email individual Beauty Routines to friends.

Favorite Products

Favorite Products: Add your favorite products to your "Favorites List" so you can quickly find them. You can email the list to friends.

Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag: Use the Makeup Bag to keep a list of products you want to take with you when traveling or products you carry with you daily. You can email this list to friends.

Expired Products

Expired Products: This is a list of your products that have expired (based on the expiration date you entered when you added the product).

Shopping List

Shopping List: Add products you need to purchase to the Shopping List, or use it as a Wish List to keep track of products you want to purchase. Sort by Store, Category or Brand. You can share individual products to friends or export the list in a CSV File.

Coupons & GWPs

Coupons & GWPs: Keep track of your Coupon Codes and GWPs. Sort them by Store or Expiration Date. You can share your coupons and GWPs with friends or export the list in an Email or CSV File.

Purchase Report

Purchase Report: Find out how much money you spent on products. You can sort the report by Store, Brand, Month, and Year.

Product Stats

Statistics: See how many products you own, the value of those products, the number of your products are Opened or Unopened and much more

Customize Lists

Lists: This section includes your lists (Brands, Color Family, Categories, Locations, and Stores) along with your Don't Buy List and the Product Archive.

Additional Features: