myBeautyCache: makeup and beauty product organizer

Sync Data

If you choose to Sync Data, myBeautyCache can sync data between devices using either iCloud or Dropbox; however, myBeautyCache Basic can only sync data using iCloud.

**Even if you choose to sync your data between devices, you may still want to backup your data. For more information, please visit the Backup Data page.

Turn on Sync Data

After you have added products to the myBeautyCache app on one of your devices, go to the "Options & Support" section and turn on "Sync Data". If you have myBeautyCache, you will be able to choose between iCloud and Dropbox (myBeautyCache basic will use iCloud). Then go to your second device (before you add any products) and follow the same process for turning on "Sync Data". The reason I recommend only adding products to one device first is because if you enter products on both devices, you may end up with duplicate entries. This is only a concern for the first time you sync data between devices. I listed a number of frequently asked questions below. If you need more help, please contact me through the app by going to the "Options & Support" section and selecting "Email Developer". Please include details of your problem and what you have done so far. You can also include a screenshot.

Turn Off Sync Data & Delete Files

To turn off Sync Data, go to the "Options & Settings" section of the myBeautyCache app and tap the "Off" button under "Sync Data". If you want to delete the file, you will need to do this manually.


What if I already have products entered on both of my devices?

If you have products entered on both devices, when you sync, you will most likely have a number of duplicates (see below for how myBeautyCache deals with duplicates). If you have the same products listed on each device, I would recommend deleting all the products from one of the devices. If you decide to delete products from one of your device, you can do this manually, which may take quite a bit of time if you have a lot of products. Or you can delete the app from your device, and then reinstall it. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, then after you sync, you will `likely have two of each product. Please note, that you will only need to delete the duplicates on one of your devices, since you are now syncing data, the second device will automatically update with your changes.

I selected Sync Data on both of my devices, but the data hasn't synced yet?

It will take some time for the initial sync. This process is not instantaneous, so please be patient. If you have waited a sufficient amount of time and your data has still not synced:

If all of that is OK, then leave the app open on both devices for a few minutes so that they have time to sync. If you are still having issues, please contact me through the app by going to the "Options & Support" section and selecting "Email Developer", please explain what you have done so far so that I can help.

After my data synced, why do I have a number of duplicate products

I decided to leave dealing with duplicate entries up to you because it is likely you will have multiple products with the same name. For example, I have about 20 Eye Shadow Sticks, and I may enter some on one device, then use my other device to enter others. When the app syncs data between the devices, I don't want to be alerted for each eye shadow stick that I have multiple products with the same name, it would take up too much of my time. Which is why I decided that I would leave that process up to you. If you discover a duplicate entry, you can just delete it. If you have any issues with it, please let me know so that I can make changes if necessary.